29 Dec 2011

See you in 2012!

We're not dead,
just working on some important updates coming in January 2012.
You'll see soon :)
In between days happy holidays everybody,
have fun and happy new year!

20 Dec 2011

The Spider Stratagem on YouTube

We've uploaded our first video on Youtube.
It's a simple slideshow with a selection of photos from our chokers.
Just to introduce a bit The Spider Stratagem on the site.
The end of our YouTube Channel 
is to show you our new items in every single part with videos,
almost you saw them in person.

14 Dec 2011

'Share' post + new 'Share' page

If you like this blog, feel free to share its banner on your pages
choose the one you love the most,then copy and paste its code on your page.

You will always find these banners and others coming  
here (the page called  'Share'  I've just created).

Dont' like anyone of them??
No worries,more are coming,
the 'Share' page will be updated frequently!!! :D

Thank you in advance for sharing!