29 Sep 2011

Bought my first one!

Finally I bought my first wooden box
There will be Bela Lugosi on it.
I will start to work on it next week,I can't wait!

Ah,hope you like the new look of this blog!

21 Sep 2011

AHAH Good news!

I've some good news today :

I want to create something different and 
that's why I'm starting to make also gothic customized wooden boxes
for jewelry and little stuffs
and beauty cases.
One of a kind works.
The first one will be dedicated to Bela Lugosi of course.
I do love him.
Next one probably to my beloved Poe and his ravens.

Moreover The Spider Stratagem Official Website
will be ready and published on web in a few months,I can't wait.
There will be also the official online shop where
you'll be able to buy directly 
without any boring online registration.

Last, next month I am preparing some new works
for a collaboration with a lovely photographer from USA.
I'll show you some photos, I promise!

6 Sep 2011

Artfire shop closed :(

Yes, my Artfire shop is now closed.It was too hard to manage so many online shops.
But many items are back for sale in my Etsy and Ebay stores.
Remember If you're interested in any of my items, you can also contact me! ;)
Thank you!